The Singleton + Japanese cuisine = The Ultimate of Umami

Paying attention to detail and balancing between extreme meticulousness and elegance - The vivid characters and philosophy of life of Japanese people fully reflect on their pursuit and presentation of gourmet food. Using mainly seasonal and local products is the essential element of Japanese cuisine. Every ten days is a phase; among the phases there are subtle transformations in food. Plus the clearly divided seasons, variety of geographical conditions and spirits of respecting nature, ‘pure’ is the most suitable adjective.

Seafood is sure the essential ingredient on this island. Except serving raw, the concept of maturation is used to make flavours even richer. By using food with umami taste such as kombu, bonito, miso and sour plums for seasoning, Japanese cuisine can always include wonderful flavours with an extremely simple presentation. The soft punches by the round and rich umami is the ultimate reason for whisky to spark on Japanese dining tables.

A Match Made in Heaven - Whisky & Umami

Japan and Scotland are both islands. Scotch whisky can level the flavours of seafood like oysters and salmon up, so do the popular umami food in Japanese cuisine such as sea urchins, oysters and fish roe. Aside from seafood, whisky which has distinct tastes is a good match with Japanese cuisine. Japanese dishes are elegant and delicate, yet they are not inevitably suppressed by complex and powerful whiskies. Its balanced seasonings can emphasise the flavours of ingredients, also it won’t cover the flavours of whisky.

It’s worth noting that whisky should be served with ice, water or soda water as Highball while eating Japanese cuisine. It can avoid the high alcohol content affecting your taste buds and dining experience. A moderate dilution can also release the aromas of whisky.

Perfect Balance with Whisky - Japanese Maturation, Stewing and Grilling

Under the principle of ‘strong with strong, mild with mild’, you can try to analyse the combination and character of food, then find a suitable whisky. ‘Seasonal Fish Salad’ from Kaiseki is a good example. Every month the seasonal fishes are marinated and matured before serving; this fresh and rich flavour is just right to pair with ‘The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky’. Traditionally matured Edomae Sushi and fried food like tempura are also nice to pair with the elegant 12 Year Old.

Made with cashew nuts, kudzu powder and milk, ‘Karasumi Magatama Tofu’ has a smooth, tender texture and mild nutty aroma, together with the umami and salty taste of karasumi; it’s really a good match with ‘The Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky’. Grilled fish and beef tongue which have grease are also good. As for ‘Curry Duck Breast’ with rich spices and fulfilling flavours from red meat, ‘The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sherry Cask Edition’ would be great to level the aromas up. Japanese stewed fish is generally cooked by tender and collagen-rich fishes. By using rice wine, mirin and soy sauce to arouse the umami, this luscious dish is also suitable with ‘The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sherry Cask Edition’.

Even for stewed and grilled food with strong taste, umami can help the rich grease and flavour to balance with whisky. You must be able to feel the special elegant and complex flavours.