The Singleton

Singleton owns three distilleries, namely Glendullan, Dufftown and Glen Ord. Among them, Glen Ord Distillery was established in 1838 and is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Its whisky is known for its natural aroma and smoothness, and is especially suitable for Asian tastes.

Singleton pioneered the use of long-term fermentation and slow distillation methods to create a harmonious and smooth unique malt whisky. It produces its own malt and supply it to other top distilleries across the industry.

Long Fermentation

Only the malted barley after mashing will be used for fermentation. By adding yeast to sugar water, beer-like wash would be produced. The Singleton insists on long fermentation of around 75 to 80 hours for wash with rich fruity notes.

Slow distillation

The wash produced via fermentation will be transferred to copper stills. Copper can change the flavour of wash for a purer taste, while slow distillation can exactly prolong its exposure to copper. It takes longer to distill, but copper can absorb more impurities and create the exclusive smooth and rich texture of The Singleton.

Balanced Maturation

After distillation, the diluted new-make spirit will be placed in oak casks to mature. Nearly 80% of the whisky flavour depends on this step. Different types of oak wood bring different flavours. Toasted and charred Bourbon barrels can especially bring out the vanilla and caramel notes. Old European oak casks seasoned by Spanish sherry can bring out the sweet fruity notes and a silky round texture。

Maureen Robinson

As a blender for over 40 years, Maureen Robinson is not only one of the few female whisky blenders, but one of the best in Scotland as well. She is famous for her excellent sense of smell - even just a tiny hint of peat hiding in millions of floral fruity flavours. She subtly mixes two types of casks and creates a harmonious taste. She also creates irresistible textures, which ignite your taste buds with rich layers of flavours.